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The 01/28/2017

Mercurey celebrates Saint Vincent!

It is the event of the year at Mercurey, it is even the appointment of a whole generation of winegrowers: the Great "Saint Vincent Tournante" makes a stopover this Weekend in Mercurey! More than 100,000 visitors are expected to celebrate, share, toast and discover the hidden treasures of our beautiful Côte Chalonnaise appellation. The whole region of Burgundy has an appointment with Mercurey to celebrate the legacy of men, the richness of the terroir, the beauty of nature and the magic that takes place in every bottle of Mercurey. Nicolas is one of the ambassadors of Mercurey's new generation of winemakers, faithful to the legacy of the elders, and contemplating the future of the appellation with gluttony!

The 03/10/2016

Rendez-vous dégustation en Belgique

Toute l'équipe du Domaine Trémeaux vous donne rendez-vous le Dimanche 20 mars de 10h à 19h à la Salle du Cercle Concordia - Place de l'Eglise - MELIN-SOUMAGNE, pour une dégustation-vente de nos vins. Nous y serons accompagnés de quelques amis producteurs de Mercurey et Rully. Amis de Belgique et des alentours, à vos agendas !

The 01/01/2016

Happy new year 2016!

The whole team of Domaine Trémeaux wish you a happy new year 2016: health, srenity and happyness to share with all your family and friends!

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The 12/01/2015

Bottling of the 2014 vintage

Some days ago, it was a big excitement at the winery: Gilles, Nicolas and the whole Domaine Tremeaux team conducted bottling of the Mercurey Vieilles Vignes vintage 2014. In the life of wine, after many months of quiet development in the cellar, it is a necessary but pretty traumatic step! To recover from its emotions, it will therefore benefit from a few extra months of rest in the quiet of the winery before joining your tables!

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The 11/04/2015

21st-22nd november: Yzeure Wine Fair 2015

As each year, come and see us at the Yzeure Wine Fair (03). This event takes place Yzeurespace hall from Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 November. If you are in the area, this is a great opportunity to taste our new vintages before christmas time! Do not hesitate, free admission and many activities await you there.

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