Domaine Trémeaux - Père et Fils
Domaine Trémeaux - Père et Fils


Our winery has been established for over a century in the heart of Burgundy, in the beautiful village of Mercurey, the flagship appellation of Côte Chalonnaise: one hundred years of history and passion for four generations of winemakers. 

Gabriel Tremeaux founded the winery in the early twentieth century. A this time, wine was only representing a part of his global production, supplemented by breeding and cereal crop. Then the trauma of the First World War was terrible, and Gabriel, who had been prisoner for five long years, had to leave his wife Martha drive the farm. Fortunately, she turned out to be a real "farmer woman", undertaking all the work of the vineyard, horse plowing, cut and handpicking... 

During the following decades, Gabriel and Martha formed a passionate tandem at the head of Domaine Tremeaux. Their son George gradually took over in the middle of the century, turning the winery into the age of modernity and quality: arrival of the tractor in the vineyard and focus exclusively on the production of wine AOC Mercurey. 

Georges made such a good work in the vineyards that his son Gilles, now head of the Estate, was able to focus on the work in the wine cellar, developing the use of oak barrels for the aging of wine. Since 1998, Gilles teamed up with his son Nicolas, whose dynamism and kindness make customers happy to see that the taste and quality are here to stay at Domaine Tremeaux!



Between Beaune and Cluny, in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise, Mercurey is one of the most important wine appellations of Burgundy, both for its size and for the reputation of its wines. The Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) "Mercurey" was established in 1923. According to the Burgundian tradition, Pinot Black reigns supreme for reds and Chardonnay for white wines. 

Our vineyards of ten hectares is located exclusively on the soils of the appellation Mercurey. Our vineyards are located on plots - or climates - in an ideal Southeast exposure to sunshine and an excellent clay-limestone, typical of the great vineyards of Burgundy. 

We operate the same vines since the creation of the domain, there is a century: "Les Croichots" and "Les Naugues" for our Mercurey Premier Cru; "Les doués" "Le Closeau", "Les Vignes Blanches" for our Mercurey Village.

Vine and wine

The quality of our wines is primarily secured by a careful and respectful work in the vineyard, so that it can give the best grapes from this exceptional terroir. Thus we do traditional plowing and ridging to aerate the soil and feed on the roots better.

When comes the time to trim, we remove one bud on two from the fruiting wand: it inevitably reduces the final amount of grapes, but our goal is to obtain the best mature aromas and to reduce the risk of rot. This year, for our Premiers Crus, we will test the stripping of vines on their "rising sun" side, to optimize the sun exposure of grapes. 

The harvest is entirely made by hand, with a sort of grapes immediately after the row. All is destalked and, depending on the vintage, pre-fermented cold and melted with foot. For winemaking, we work in constant collaboration with our winemaker. The aging of our wines is made for one year in oak barrels: one part in new oak barrels and the other in “three wines” oak barrels, before the assembly. Thus, our wines are ready to sell in an average of two years after the harvest.